Turning-the-Tide Ovarian Retreat: A Time for Empowering Survivors

Every year, Anne Tonachel and Sue Joanis organize a delightful camp experience for New England women who have had ovarian cancer. This is not your ordinary camp either! No camp beds or spidery-webbed shower stalls: each women shares a room with one other woman, complete with private bath. Think "hotel room" quality. The back door faces the lake so the views are just wonderful.

Each morning there were gifts outside our door, gifts like a string knapsack with a warm blanket - perfect for those who want to go to the meditation class. On the day I arrived, I was greeted by a whole group of women who carried my bag and other items down to my room. When I entered the great room, there was a beautiful fire going and a smell of lavender in the air. Each of us was given a hot lavender foot soak and foot massage....ahhhhh. Hot drinks were available and the women who had been there before sat beside us and immediately engaged us in conversation. Everyone was warm and friendly.

We sat down to gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Table clothes, cloth napkins and candles adorned the tables. Conversation flowed.

Activities included zip lining, archery, kayaking, making fairy gardens, cooking, and many other arts and craft classes. In addition we were treated to Therapeutic Touch sessions, deep meditation sessions using music and other instruments. Every woman was treated to a massage. There was so much to see and do that the days flew by.

The best thing however, was getting to know these wonderful women who have gone through the same journey as you. It was a time for us to relax and most importantly, rejuvenate.

When the notice goes out that camp registration is happening, be sure to jump on it because the spots fill quickly. Hope to see you there!

Turning-theTide Ovarian Retreat is a tax exempt non-profit organization

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