Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemo in OC

This article appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine this past month. I have copied the abstract only. In addition, the editorial is also worth reading and I'm including it at the end.

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy in Ovarian Cancer

  • Willemien J. van Driel, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Simone N. Koole, M.D., 
  • Karolina Sikorska, Ph.D., 
  • Jules H. Schagen van Leeuwen, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Henk W.R. Schreuder, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Ralph H.M. Hermans, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Ignace H.J.T. de Hingh, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Jacobus van der Velden, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • HenriĆ«tte J. Arts, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Leon F.A.G. Massuger, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Arend G.J. Aalbers, M.D., 
  • Victor J. Verwaal, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Jacobien M. Kieffer, Ph.D., 
  • Koen K. Van de Vijver, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Harm van Tinteren, Ph.D., 
  • Neil K. Aaronson, Ph.D., 
  • and Gabe S. Sonke, M.D., Ph.D.



Treatment of newly diagnosed advanced-stage ovarian cancer typically involves cytoreductive surgery and systemic chemotherapy. We conducted a trial to investigate whether the addition of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to interval cytoreductive surgery would improve outcomes among patients who were receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy for stage III epithelial ovarian cancer.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

BRCA1 doesn't have to be mutated to be inactivated

This article was sent to me by a friend. Essentially, the article states that the BRCA1 gene can be normal but its function of DNA repair can be blocked by methylation. Methylation is a crucial part of DNA replication but hypermethylation can silence BRCA1.

Here's the link to the full article.