Monday, June 12, 2017

Catherine Zuckerman Celebration of Life

What a beautiful Celebration of Life that Larry and his family had for Catherine on Saturday June 10th. Catherine died earlier this year in  January and attended TTT for her first time in 2015.

Catherine and Larry live on Sebago Lake in ME and the day was picture perfect. Scores of people were there and in the house, large photographs of Catherine as a young girl, young mother, and well you get it - through all her stages of life -were on display.

The food and large gathering were a tribute to Catherine's and her family's generosity of spirit.

Here are two photos I thought folks might like. The first is Catherine with her daughter Leah and the second is a tiny portion of what was offered for dessert - but check out the sneakers and the color of those cupcakes :)

 May Catherine's memory be a blessing...

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