Thursday, June 28, 2018

2018 Turning-the-Tide Annual Retreat Sign-up

Hi Everyone!

By now you will have received a notice from our wonderful coordinator of this great event, Sue Joanis.

Sign-up will begin July 1st. As we know, spots are limited so if you think you might want to go, don't hesitate and sign up! If something comes up that you can't make it, there will be a waiting list.

For those of you who are new to the camp, it's a wonderful, rejuvenating experience. I had a lot of mixed emotions about going to my first camp. I don't do arts and crafts, I don't like rustic camping and bugs, and given the state of my body, I knew I wanted access to private, modern bathrooms. And what if I was too tired to join in - would I be excluded? And I was just starting to get better - could I handle this emotionally?

All of these feelings were dispelled upon arrival. Anne and Sue and the staff are hands down, the nicest folks. Period. Their only goal is to create a space for us to leave behind our worries and concerns, have some deep belly laughs, enjoy spa treatments, eat fabulous meals participate in fun outdoor activities if we like, or enjoy quieter activities. It's all up to us to decide! I am now looking forward to attending my 4th time!

Here are what some previous women have said:

"The love and support surrounding those four days in Maine were
 truly unconditional."

"The best thing I have done for myself, ever."

"Since attending this wonderful retreat I believe that I am no longer alone."

So mark your calendars for July 1st in order to register!

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