Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Teal on Wheels: Our Own Donna Wiegle Is Raising Awareness for OC

Hats off to Donna!! Those of us who know her, know that what she sets her mind to, she does. Remember how she decided there was a need on her island for a health care clinic? She started one - complete with state of the art equipment that she managed to get with the help of donors and fund raising.

When I spoke to her not even two weeks ago, she floated the idea of traveling across country on a teal motorcycle to raise awareness about ovarian cancer and raise funds for two important organizations dear to her: Turning the Tide, and the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

So it's no surprise that she has now officially kicked off her campaign to raise $50,000. As she puts it, she's on an "accelerated life plan" meaning when she thinks something is important, she's going to do it. Not next month, not next year. NOW. Since September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, she will spend September driving across country, stopping along the way to talk about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, raising money along the way.

How can you help? By going to her GoFundMe page, Teal on Wheels and making a contribution in ANY amount. It's about the power of collective giving - and NO donation is too small.  And while you're on that page, consider linking to FB - it can really boost donations.

I am proud to be on her team of volunteers and I hope that you'll join us in making this happen.

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