Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Astonishing Podcast: 3-D Model To Be Used for Testing of New Treatments for OC

This is quite an astonishing use of 3-D technology that I had to read several times and it still caused me to shake my head in wonder and amazement.

Joanna Burdette, PhD and her team developed Evatar, a model of the female reproductive tract that uses cultured tissue of the ovaries and oviduct that can be used in the Evatar device to study the effects of new drugs on high grade serous ovarian cancer. 

What makes this model unique is that in basic research, cells are often kept in petri dishes, isolated from the tissue from which it came and stew in their own waste. In the body, cells interact and respond to neighboring cells and cellular waste is carried away by the vascular system. Evatar replicates the reproductive environment and is therefore able to recreate a more natural environment in which to study novel drugs.

To listen to a relatively short podcast about this research, follow this link.

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