Friday, April 2, 2021

Differences between primary peritoneal serous carcinoma and advanced serous ovarian carcinoma: a study based on the SEER database


This article recently appeared in a new online Journal of Ovarian Research. Primary Peritoneal Serous Carcinoma is much less common than Advanced Serous Ovarian Carcinoma and within these two groups are other subgroups that impact overall survival rates.

The objective of this study compare the clinical features of these two types of cancer and to determine the prognostic indicators.

There were some interesting differences between the two types in terms of age groups affected and race with PPSC have a lower incidence rate among black women. There were also several limitations to the study that the researchers noted. Data was drawn from Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Result (SEER) database, which did not include CA 125, patient weight, treatment details, residual tumor size post surgery, and mutations - variables that may be of significance.

To read the article in full, follow this link.

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