Friday, November 9, 2018

Good News for Women with Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer

The gene that contributes to chemo resistance in clear-cell ovarian cancer has been discovered opening up the door (in the hopefully near future) to possible treatment options. Genes that help prevent this from occurring are known as BCL2 inhibitors. BCL2 inhibitors are currently approved for treatment in lymphoma.

 BCL2 (B-cell lymphoma, 2) is a gene that helps regulate cell death and is over expressed in certain types of cancer: breast, melanoma, prostate, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and lung cancer. Researchers have now linked over-expression of this gene to the development of chemo resistance in clear cell ovarian cancer. 

Clear cell ovarian cancer is linked with a mutation of the ARID1A gene. Downstream to this mutation is where BCL2 plays an important role in developing acquired resistance.  

To find out more about the research done on this, follow this link.

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