Saturday, November 10, 2018

Steps through OC - A MUST SEE!

It's rare that I so wholeheartedly encourage OC sisters to check out a website but this one is it! Cindy, from our TTT camp this year, was the first one to point it out on our private FB page and if it wasn't for Donna, I would have missed it completely.

So what is "Steps through Ovarian Cancer"? It's a new, national joint collaboration of two non-profits that offer FREE services for women who have had or still have OC in addition to their families and caregivers.

More than that, as STOC writes on their website, "Steps Through OC is a new, national program offering counseling, patient education, referrals and other free resources."

Every woman is matched with a professional counselor who can help her understand treatment options or get guidance on managing side effects or provide counseling (I believe up to 6 months) for any of the myriad number of reasons we may need it.

Essentially STOC believes that all women with OC and their families should be able to access care. As they write on their website, "We intentionally seek to serve people whose access to safe, affirming, responsive care may be limited by income, geography, language or discrimination of any kind."

I urge you to check them out.

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