Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Clearity Foundation: Help in Finding Clinical Trials


The Clearity Foundation has put together a search option to help you and your doctor select the best clinical trial for you. A link to that is below. If you haven't spent any time on the Clearity Foundation website, I would urge you to do so. It provides free counseling to women with OC and articles about research and links to treatment decision supports and what to do if you're newly diagnosed. 

In regards to finding clinical trials, there is a seven minute video tutorial that they have published on finding clinical trials You can find a link to this video here.

As per Clearity Foundation, "To find clinical trials, please check out the ovarian cancer-specific Trial Finder that Clearity has developed. The search outputs trials for which the patient is most likely to be eligible based on answers to questions about their specific clinical situation (e.g., prior treatments, tumor histology, platinum status), tumor biology, and preferences."

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