Tuesday, March 8, 2022

OncLive presents: "Latest Perspective in Ovarian Cancer Care"


OncLive presents "Latest Perspective in Ovarian Cancer Care". Below are the topics that will be covered. Here is the link to watch this on-demand video.

Agenda Topics


The closer we look, the further we’ll go
Highlighting the current state of ovarian cancer and current treatments to understand the challenges faced by those living with ovarian cancer. 

What if the treatments were as unique as the tumor?
Understanding the history of where we’ve been with ovarian cancer, and what’s in store for the future, and your role in it.

To test is to know what to target
Exploring the advances in genomic profiling of ovarian cancer tumors and optimizing treatment outcomes for patients.

Using the journey to define the destination
Applying personalized treatments in practice and the impacts these can have on those living with ovarian cancer.

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