Retreat Videos

2021 TTT Video:

This year we met in early September - the weather was just perfect - warm days, cool nights - enabling us to swim, walk and play outdoors. What a treat!!!

2019 TTT Video:

This year we met in November and although a beautiful day of snow flurries, spirits were warm and friendly inside.

2018 TTT Video:

Remember pajama parties?? Well we did it in style this year. Come check it out!

2017 TTT Video:

For many years, Patti Deignan organized a night of entertainment centered around different themes, and 2017 was no different! The Sock-hop was a fun night of dressing in the 50s style of the day and was topped off by soda-fountain drinks and ice-cream floats.
You can catch some of that fun by watching this video.

2016 TTT Video

The theme in 2016 was "Hawaii Night" and Patti's team cooked up a real show stopper for us campers. Check out the video below....

2015 TTT Video

Our retreat fell over Halloween, and Patti and her team put on their "big girl panties" to provide us with an uproarious skit...

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