Turning the Tide Resource List

7 Key Questions to Ask Your Oncologist 
From The Cleveland Clinic

CDC: Ovarian Cancer
Basic information and resources

Clinical Trials
NIH U.S. National Library of Medicine

Cure Today
Cancer updates, research and education

Eyes on the Prize
A support community for women living with gynecologic cancer

Facing Cancer Together
Serves individuals with cancer and their families in MA through support groups, wellness classes and bereavement groups

Finding Ways to Pay for Care (National Coalition forCancer Survivorship)
Select “Programs” and then “Cancer Survival Toolbox”

A range of information, resources, courses, and webinars
(R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation)
Click on "Info for Supporters"

Ovarian and other cancer communities for sharing information in a chatboard format

Articles and virtual workshops
Main page for National Cancer Institute

National Center forComplementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)
Offers info on complementary and alternative medicine therapies, including NCI/PDQ expert-reviewed fact sheets on individual therapies and dietary supplements

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
A range of information, resources, and volunteer opportunities

Provides information on patient assistance programs and other programs that help people obtain medications, supplies, and equipment 

One in Forty
Askkenazi Jews have a one-in-forty chance of inheriting a BRCA gene mutation putting them at higher risk for developing cancer

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Ovations for the Cure
Supporting ovarian cancer research, awareness & patient programs such as Healthy Hands which provides free, healthy and easy to prepare meals for women in treatment in MA

The Simmons Cancer Institute at Southern Illinois University is a community-based
patient care, research, education and outreach program established to improve cancer care.
 cancer c
Steps Through Ovarian Cancer
Free virtual counseling for ovarian cancer patients

The Clearity Foundation
Clearity Foundation strives to improve the survival and quality of life of women with ovarian cancer

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine
Ovarian Cancers: Evolving Paradigms in Research and Care (2106)

Long-term Survivorship Careafter Cancer Treatment
Site to purchase this book.

PAN Foundation
Help with the high cost of medications

Turning the Tide Website

World Ovarian Cancer Coalition
International organization focusing on ovarian cancer awareness and resources 














18. 7 Key Questions to Ask Your Oncologist from The Cleveland Clinic

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