Monday, October 5, 2020

2020 TTT Virtual Retreat: Personal Thoughts

What an incredible weekend we just had with our condensed, TTT virtual retreat! Sure, we understand that nothing beats being together at Camp Kieve but boy, this was one heck of a retreat filled with fun activities (juggling anyone?), self-facials, self-massages, art projects, yoga, music & movement, foot soaks and plenty of time to meet in our virtual "tea room" for more intimate conversations.

In addition, our social worker Barbara led us in great discussions whose topics were selected from participant suggestions. More than anything, the committee who planned this year's retreat was focused on doing everything possible to maintain the intimacy and strengthen the bonds that previous retreat goers so value. With that in mind, the retreat still limited the number of women who could attend despite it being virtual. In this way, large and small break-out sessions were manageable and allowed everyone to get the chance to participate and feel a part of the group.

 Each woman received an enormous bag full of items to be used for each session plus plenty of surprise gifts - hand knitted winter hats, note cards, snacks, etc. (really too numerous to name) and all the items needed to do our own facials led by the fantastic women from Elizabeth Grady in Boston who instructed us on how to apply all our different creams and toners. (Oh my god - what a delightful treat that was!)

As I reflect on this past weekend what is a standout for me is how this wonderful group of women easily and quickly embraced, listened to and supported each other. Having been diagnosed w/advanced OC 5 years ago (and still going strong), I can personally attest to how isolating it was to get the diagnosis. This is a terrible disease but I couldn't ask for a better group of women around me. As a veteran of the retreat, there is nothing more important and fulfilling than to embrace and support newly diagnosed women. We are in this together...


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